Working with customers to increase their productivity, opitimize their operations and reduce total cost of through state-of-art technology, services and innovative collaborative commercial models


Combine big data and our advanced digital capabilities to creat radical efficiencies and to acheive step-chang in performance for operators to act on in real time to optimize oilfield operation and development.

People/ Culture

Implement our core valus, efforts to motivate our employees, advancing their careers, support community growth and development, minimize opetation risks, reduce cost and increase shareholder value

We are Pamir Energy, a full stream company in oil & gas industry

Pamir Energy has a fullstream capability: the portfolio, the technology and the people to radically transform the oil and gas industry and deliver unparalleled improvement in industrial yield for our customers.

Our full range of engineering & services, from reservoir all the way to refinery, from the depths of the sea to the cloud, enable us to provide lifecycle value chain management for your assets.

We are around your wells, we are fullstream.