About Our Company

With our proprietary technologies and production systems, integrated expertise and comprehensive solutions, we are transforming our clients’ project economics

Pamir Energy, a Pamir Group company, is a fullstream provider of integrated oilfield products, services and digital solutions. Drawing on a storied heritage of invention, Pamir Energy harnesses the passion and experience of its people to enhance productivity across the oil and gas value chain. Pamir Energy helps its customers acquire, transport and refine hydrocarbons more efficiently, productively and safely, with a smaller environmental footprint and at lower cost per barrel.

We are uniquely positioned to deliver greater efficiency across project lifecycles from concept to project delivery and beyond. Through innovative technologies and improved efficiencies, our offering unlocks new possibilities for our clients in developing their oil and gas resources.

Each of our more than 1,000 employees is driven by a steady commitment to clients and a culture of purposeful innovation, challenging industry conventions, and rethinking how the best results are achieved.

Our Vision

At Pamir we have one overriding vision: to enhance the performance of the world’s energy industry.

Our vision is supported by a relentless drive of every individual at Pamir. We are united by one single purpose: to bring together the scope, know-how and determination to transform our clients’ project economics.

Integrate for impact

We collaborate in smart, meaningful ways, bringing together the teams and talent that yield the greatest results.

We integrate our practices and technologies to simplify systems and streamline processes, accelerating the path to production and beyond.

Drive for our clients’ success

We think ahead and seize opportunities for our clients.

We act responsibly and openly, assuring clients and partners of our competence and inspiring their trust at every step.

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