Project Management

Exceptional professionals collaborating with stakeholders to engineer customized solutions to solve your toughest challenges and produce cost-effective results

Pamir Project Management has extensive experience in operations, well engineering, and project management. Our professionals have exceptional worldwide oilfield expertise in offshore and land-based well construction, well intervention, and abandonment projects – much of which comes from years of working with oil- and gas-producing companies. We are catalysts who build and lead oilfield teams to achieve results. We ensure that the right people with the right competencies are in the right place at the right time and with the right equipment – ready to do their jobs.

Our exceptional project managers and service coordinators have years of success to provide confidence that your project objectives are achieved and that operations are executed successfully the first time.

Improving performance and reducing costs by increasing efficiency and safety

Pamir Project Management delivers well construction, well intervention, and abandonment projects on time and within budget through collaborative leadership and risk management. Our teams execute well projects by using defined processes and technology to help you achieve your asset management goals. We improve your performance and reduce costs by increasing efficiency and safety.

We can help you streamline your projects by providing an Integrated Services (IS) coordinator, a turnkey solution through our Integrated Project Management (IPM) service, or a combination of these two services. Our highly experienced IS coordinators can direct a range of services that includes offering a single point of contact for managing logistics, and for providing daily operational leadership and health, safety, and environmental (HSE) management to ensure efficient and cost-effective operations. We can also provide more advanced Integrated Services offerings, such as well construction and intervention planning and supervision, contingency planning, financial tracking, and performance optimization. If you want to outsource the entire project, our Integrated Project Management (IPM) service can help you with a wide range of project integration, including rig sourcing, engineering, regulatory compliance, and project controls. Project management teams integrate our HSE core values into all business activities, striving to proactively manage risks to deliver predictable and economic results.

Pamir Project Management has extensive relationships and experience with rig contractors, and can help you get the most appropriate rig for your project. Our vast experience in negotiating and managing rig contracts, procurement, third-party contract management, and logistics maximizes your efficiency and reduces costs – by integrating all services, technology, drilling contractors, and third-party providers through a single point of contact for all aspects of planning, design, and execution.

From insight to execution, we collaborate with you to ensure that your project results exceed your expectations.

Delivering success and creating value for our customers through customized well construction and well intervention solutions

Pamir Project Management team has over 1,00 professionals with extensive experience executing a portfolio of more than 20 projects. From planning to implementation to project delivery, Pamir Project Management will be your valued partner to achieve asset goals regardless of the complexity of the project.

  • We deliver predictable results
  • We execute collaborative solutions.
  • We build and lead high-performing teams.
  • We drive performance through efficient processes.