Move oil and natural gas efficiently

Pamir Energy Pipeline and Process Services operates globally providing a full range of precommissioning, commissioning, maintenance and decommissioning services to the pipeline and process plant construction, commissioning and maintenance industries, both onshore and offshore.

Our innovative pipeline and storage solutions enable reliable compression and pumping for more than 2 million km of pipelines and strategic storage facilities around the world.

From production plants to distribution points, your business success depends on uninterrupted product flow — and we understand the numerous challenges you face in achieving that goal. Our comprehensive capabilities support all aspects of your pipeline operations. From turn-key compression stations and pipeline commissioning, through to reliable inspection and maintenance services, we can help you maintain environmental standards while optimizing your asset's performance.


The services offered by Pamir Energy Pipeline and Process Services are aimed at providing operators the ability to initiate, sustain and increase production. This can be achieved through a variety of methods, including 1) improving the efficiency of planned projects by the use of a single, cross-trained team to reduce schedules, and 2) by increasing the production and transportation capability of infield hydrocarbon flowlines, process plant and export pipelines.

Pamir Energy as being the company that can provide the complete range of services required for a major precommissioning project or major shutdown from our own in-house personnel and equipment resources.