Service at every stage to enable you to operate safely

Pamir offers a host of specialized services to support your maintenance program and during decommissioning:

  • Our range of mechanical, chemical, or gel technology cleaning allow us to match your pipeline conditions and remove debris with minimized downtime.  We cover crude oil, refined products, water, natural gas, and specialized petrochemical pipelines, including difficult-to-treat ethylene systems.
  • To support your in line inspection programs, we provide a range of bespoke temporary pumping packages and nitrogen services.
  • A range of specialized services to deliver pipeline isolations as required at any stage during your maintenance program.
  • We understand the need to reduce the environmental impact of evacuating gas from a pipeline system, so our clean-burn mobile flaring services and temporary gas transfer packages provides an environmentally friendly solution.
  • After your maintenance program, hydro-testing and nitrogen services provide revalidation and allow a smooth uneventful system restart.
  • Water injection and enhanced oil recovery services help maximize your ROI without committing to CAPEX. We offer temporary equipment packages help you to determine if the chosen method of reservoir flooding will respond as predicted before investment in a permanent facility.
  • We offer pipeline decommissioning, bundling our service offerings to meet your specific needs.


Pamir is capable of providing a range of abandonment services, onsite management, and re-certification services, Pamir Pipeline and Process Services has the experience and proven systems to help you cost-effectively decommission assets in ways which are both safe and environmentally responsible.

The Pipeline and Process Services team has the capability to manage and perform all steps necessary to make assets and infrastructure ready for Cessation of Production (CoP) – from wellhead, through infield flowlines and process facilities, to export pipelines – all with our own equipment and personnel.

Pipelines can be flushed and cleaned via chemical and/or mechanical methods for in-situ abandonment or where required, mothballed for future use. Topside and processing facilities can be made safe via cleaning, flushing and inerting for rapid removal via cutting or bolting services.

Decommissiong services include:

Pipeline Process
Debris Assessment Nitrogen Purging
Decom Engineering Decom Engineering
Chemical Cleaning Chemical Cleaning
Mechanical Cleaning Foam Inerting
Flushing Flushing
Barrier/Isolation Testing Retro Jetting
Umbilical Flushing Onsite Machining
Nitrogen Packing Camera Inspection