Integrated suite of technologies from reservoir drill-in fluids to cleanup tools

We offer an integrated suite of completion technologies comprising value-added completion and reservoir drill-in fluids, additives, cleanup tools, and filtration and associated engineering services.

Pamir refined the engineering of completion fluids and associated technologies that accelerate and maximize production with minimal HSE impact. Together, they provide you a seamless and cost-effective solution for optimizing productivity throughout the drilling, workover, and completion processes.

completion fluids

Displacement and Completion Operations

Use our displacement and completion operations to improve your overall efficiency and optimize production

For trouble-free displacement and completion operations, we provide a broad portfolio of solids-free fluids designed to help you effectively and efficiently complete your well and optimize hydrocarbon production. We understand your requirements—remote land operations, or deep water—and we have the global experience and talent to solve your toughest challenges.  We engineer and extensively test our completion fluids to certify that they meet your requirements for a safe, economic completion.

Our completion fluid designs ensure a smooth handover from reservoir drilling to well completion to production operations. The goal—displace the drilling fluid and remove any residue that might reduce formation fluid flow—leads to lower operating costs and increased production.  We have clear brine fluids, debris filtration units, and wellbore cleaning spacer systems to meet your needs. Each system is tailored for complete control of the displacement and completion operation and provides the optimal wellbore completion

Reservoir Drill-in Fluids

Lower overall completion costs while optimizing production

Our reservoir drill-in fluids (RDIF) are engineered to lower overall completion costs while optimizing production rates. These fluids deliver all the properties required from typical drilling fluids while protecting the pay zone against costly formation damage.

We developed a full suite of drill-in fluids to protect your reservoirs in formations ranging from unconsolidated sandstones to fractured limestones. Our DIF systems are ideally suited for drilling your pay zones because of their special characteristics:

  • Good drilling fluid properties
  • Easy removal
  • Superior filter cake quality
  • Proper flowback ability
  • Compatibility with pre-pack and gravel pack completions

Improve completion efficiency and improve production

Our advanced and all-inclusive planning, execution, and monitoring process ensures minimal formation damage that could restrict production. Our understanding of the chemical and mechanical synergies is reflected in a wide range of wellbore cleanup tools and chemicals. The end result is a clean and unobstructed wellbore, delivered in a single, cost-effective process.

Pamir offers the industry’s most complete line of minimally damaging completion and reservoir drill-in fluids and additives. Our comprehensive suite of breakers, defoamers, viscosifiers, filtration aids, lubricants, shale inhibitors, scavengers, surfactants, and corrosion inhibitors help deliver

  • a clean producing zone
  • minimal formation damage
  • lower NPT
  • maximum production faster
  • longer productive life
  • reduced costs and HSE impact.

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