Reduce risks and minimize life-of-well costs with dependable sealing

No matter the challenge—whether your well is a simple, single-zone completion or a complex, deepwater multilateral—you can count on us having the right packer for your job.

With a worldwide network of highly trained engineers and field personnel, supported by extensive product and material data, best-in-class engineering, manufacturing and test facilities, and proprietary wellbore modeling software solutions, Pamir is able to deliver reliable sealing where you need it, when you need it.

Our portfolio includes permanent, retrievable, openhole, cased-hole, mechanical, inflatable, reactive-element, feedthrough and dual-string ESP packers.


Production Packers

Optimize your completion with permanent, retrievable, feedthrough, and dual string production packers.

Get reliable annular sealing during production

With a full range of permanent and removable cased-hole packers, Pamir can provide the right annular sealing solution for your application. Using rugged slip technology and advanced elastomers, our packers stay anchored in place while preventing the unwanted flow of gas/fluid during the production phase.

We also offer a complete portfolio of feedthrough and dual-string ESP packers so you can power and control equipment lower in the wellbore.  

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