Achieve maximum production and consistent, effective performance

Perforating is more than just putting a hole into a pipe. We engineer and build perforating systems that perform at the optimal level you expect, every time. We design our gun systems based on your unique application requirements: natural completions, frac completions, or sand-control completions.

With our reliable paterner Owen Tool, we have the industry state-of-art perforating products. Our experience has proven that critical parameters of a perforating gun’s design or performance can have positive or negative effects on the perforated completion.

We know the risks and how to mitigate them; we can model the best approach to completing your well—whether through wireline, slickline, coiled-tubing conveyed, or tubing-conveyed perforating (which is ideal for perforating long intervals in any environment with excellent cleanup).

Let us help you enhance your well’s performance and achieve maximum production today.


Wireline-Conveyed Perforating

Wireline-conveyed perforating solutions help reduce the cost to perforate, and are applicable across a wide range of completions and remedial operations.

Tubing-Conveyed Perforating

Tubing-conveyed perforating solutions span applications. From unconventional to offshore, from factory completion to high-value wells, our perforating solutions can get you to TD and improve reservoir connectivity.

Perforating Charges

Optimize specific completion requirements with shaped charges

Our perforating charges are engineered to match specific completion requirements. They come in a wide range of gun sizes, shot density, shot-phasing options, and temperature ratings. Each gun system and charge has features and benefits that can be readily identified and used as selection criteria.


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