Reliability when it really counts

Ensure reliable well control to protect against HSE impacts

Subsurface safety valves are critical components of well completions, protecting production installations against uncontrolled flow in case of catastrophic damage to wellhead equipment.

The valve design, material, and model are critical to its durability and reliability. Our surface-controlled subsurface safety valves incorporate innovative features, such as the rod piston hydraulic-actuation system, metal-to-metal INCONEL flapper closure system with secondary soft seat, and inverted dual-ferrule hydraulic connection. These valves are available for a range of tubing sizes and incorporate corrosion-resistant metallurgies to suit your requirements.

safety valves

Pamir strives to provide the most dependable downhole safety valve on the market. Each valve must meet leakage-acceptance criteria substantially more stringent than API and ISO specifications. Our portfolio of API 14A certified valves, ranging from V4-1 to V1-H, spans almost every application and thus provides a solution for most completion designs.

Field-proven designs for a wide range of applications

Both surface- and subsurface-controlled safety valves feature field-proven designs enhanced through years of experience, research, and advanced technology. The valves use a rugged flapper closure system; rod piston actuation; and metal-to-metal, elastomeric, or nonelastomeric seals depending on the application.

Tubing-Retrievable Safety & Injection Valves

Fullbore production and access for through-tubing intervention

Designed to protect oil, gas, and injection wells, our tubing-retrievable safety and injection valves are installed as part of the tubing string. They provide a large flow area, which reduces flow restriction, and permit fullbore access for through-tubing intervention with slickline, wireline, or coiled tubing.

Wireline-Retrievable Safety & Injection Valves

Rigless installation and retrieval

Our wireline-retrievable safety and injection valves for protection of oil, gas, and injection wells are installed and retrieved using standard slickline. They use special hydraulic landing nipples and lock assemblies to seal in the tubing; they can also be used as secondary valves inside tubing-retrievable valves. Simple to retrieve, these valves provide the operator with easy access in case of seal failure or mechanical damage.

Annular Control Safety Valves

Incorporating a tubing-retrievable safety valve and a mudline packer to provide control of the annulus fluid

Pamir provides annular control systems for ESP, gas lift injection, gas and water injection, and dual-zone applications to control annular flow. These surface-controlled subsurface safety valves are designed for medium-pressure, sweet to corrosive environments and feature rod piston actuation, elastomeric seals, and both flapper and sleeve closure systems.

Operational safety and flexibility

The valves control injection and produced well fluids to minimize the loss of produced fluids and reduce the danger resulting from loss of injection gas or well fluids. By isolating the tubing flow from the annular flow, the valves provide a high degree of well protection and facilitate dual-zone production with both annular and tubing flow. They also provide an annular path for injection gas.

The large, straight-through bore design facilitates slickline operations and reduces obstructions that could decrease pressure. The valves can be adapted for use with most large-bore packers, retrievable or permanent.

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