Maximize pay zone recovery using integrated sand control solutions

We know that sand production is tough on equipment, and on your investment. That is why we take a holistic approach to sand control that starts with understanding your reservoir, and ends with a solution that addresses the unique challenges of each well.

With a broad portfolio of sand screens, multizone stimulation systems, and gravel-pack tools, we can help you effectively connect to the reservoir, ensure maximum conductivity, and enhance recovery. From introducing the first inflow control device to pioneering the first conformable sand management solution, we lead the industry in sand control technology. And we will continue to innovate so you can maximize sand-free production and improve your recovery factors.


Sand Control Screens

The industry’s most sand control experience and a broad array of the highest-performance sand control screens extend well life and reduce intervention cost.

Multizone Stimulation Systems

Multizone stimulation systems help maximize production, from standard gravel packs, to frac packs, to deep water systems.


Gravel-Pack Tools

Keep your well producing longer

When operating in high-cost offshore applications or in small field developments, achieving a complete and uniform gravel pack is crucial to avoiding sand control failure, and helps ensure sustainable, profitable wells.

Our portfolio of reliable gravel-pack tools and accessories, backed by advanced pumping capabilities and fluids, delivers the performance you need in applications spanning short, basic intervals to challenging extended-reach laterals.

Isolation Valves

Prevent formation damage and minimize workover costs

When running completions or actuating downhole equipment with hydraulic pressure, fluid can invade and damage the formation. This damage can limit your ability to continue completions operations, and can significantly reduce production rates and potential over the life of a well. Isolation valves provide a reliable barrier that keeps the fluid and pressure where you want it—away from the formation and target reservoir.

They can also be useful for establishing a barrier later in the well lifecycle for workovers and well interventions. From ball valves to mechanically actuated valves to hydraulic valves—we have the isolation valve you need to protect your formation and its ability to produce.


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