Many formations are too tight to produce oil and natural gas, and require a stimulation process to extract the resources. In hydraulic fracturing, fluids carrying proppant are pumped into the ground with enough pressure to crack the rock. The proppant is left behind to hold open the cracks, while the fluid is flowed back allowing oil and gas the ability to flow to surface.


At Pamir Energy, we package technology and chemistry with analytics and innovation to meet industry demands and deliver results. 

Our in-house designed chemistry is playing a larger and more critical part in creating efficiency gains through wellsite delivery, fracture optimization and fluid design for our clients. All three of these efficiencies can be achieved by using a tunable technology, such as our PeFracTM family, which allows us to adjust fluid properties on the fly, enabling greater versatility at the wellhead.

Additionally, we apply data analytics to optimize operations in real time for an improved overall well performance. With this type of intelligent insight, operators can minimize variables, predict well performance, predict reservoir potential and validate design within seconds.

Pamir Energy was presented with a unique opportunity to address changing operating conditions by applying new equipment engineering designs. More specifically, the company took a system-wide approach to engineering with the intent of delivering a new level of reliability and performance for clients.


Our global leadership in fracturing services stems from the innovation we dedicate to our product and technology development, and the expertise we apply to the delivery of our services in the office and in the field. We make sure you have the fracturing solutions you need to get the most from your well safely and efficiently.

Pamir offers custom-made solutions to suit our clients specific requirements for their reservior.

Limited Entry Fracturing

Limited entry fracturing allows for strategic perforation or port sizing to stimulate several intervals simultaneously. Success requires accurately predicting how the fractures will develop, and that means relying on more than a calculation. We use our extensive experience to look at the job from every angle and execute a program tailor-made for your well, so you get the best results.

Horizontal Well Fracturing

Horizontal wellbores make greater well lengths possible, increasing exposure of the reservoir to your well, as well as the number of fracture initiation sites, to create more pathways in the formation for oil and gas to flow. With so much of your reservoir at your fingertips, multistage and selective fracturing are essential to getting the most from your investment.



Slick water treatments create the complex fracture network you need by pumping non-viscous fluids and proppant at high rates. Success depends on the right combination of fluid (which includes additives) and proppant. Our fit-for-purpose portfolio includes high-performance fracturing fluids that enhance proppant distribution and reduce fresh water requirements in slick water operations.

Coiled Tubing Fracturing

As a trend in the oil and gas industry, Coiled tubing fracturing gives you the ability to selectively fracture multiple zones with pinpoint accuracy and only one rig-in. This means less time to get your well on production and more time to get the most from your reservoir.



Preserve the quality of your reservoir in water sensitive and low pressure formations. Foamed CO2 and Nminimize the amount of fracturing fluid needed, and limit fluid retention in the formation for enhanced production and efficient cleanup.


Acid Fracturing

Getting the best results takes knowing the right blend. We develop fit-for-purpose additives designed with your formation in mind. Our ability to find the right blend, combined with skilled application, helps you get the most from your treatment and your reservoir.



Our hydrocarbon fracturing fluids are some of the least damaging for your formation, and can be tailored to your well with either slick oil systems or highly viscoelastic gels. We offer gelled systems compatible with most recycled oils, and hydrocarbon fluids with low concentrations of volatile organic phosphorus for effective operations upstream.



Crosslinked treatments create long, large fractures with high viscosity fluids. The fluid fractures the formation and moves proppant into the cracks to keep them open. With the proppant in place, the fluid loses its viscosity, allowing it to be flowed back, and oil and gas to move more freely.



We put our extensive industry experience and integrated services to work for you, so you get the most from your well. With advanced fracture models alongside geological and geophysical data, we create fully calibrated design solutions customized to your well.



With a secure supply of high-quality natural sands, resin coated and ceramic proppants, we’re able to design and deliver fracture treatments using the right proppant for your specific well.



We recognize the key role innovation plays in your success. We’re dedicated to finding greener products and effective solutions that meet the unique properties of your reservoir, so we can help you achieve your production and efficiency goals.

Fresh Water Reduction

Minimizing the impact of our operations on the environment is one of our core values. We have developed a range of effective products and processes that reduce the amount of fresh water needed, and enable the re-use of produced, flowback water, and non-potable water from underground salt water aquifers.

Formation Damage

We are dedicated to continually developing fracturing fluid systems that reduce formation damage without compromising production.

Fracturing Inquiries

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