Onshore Drilling Fluids

Improve drilling performance with innovative fluid technologies

Drilling fluids are critical for optimizing drilling programs, maximizing efficiency, and delivering production-ready wellbores. The Pamir team continues to meet customer challenges head-on with a strong commitment to safety, performance, and technology.

Drilling clean, in-gauge holes is the goal. And it all starts with the drilling mud.

To be effective, you need to start with a solid job design and the right drilling fluid. That’s where we come in. Our broad portfolio of drilling fluids offers solutions formulated for the specific needs of offshore, onshore, contingency, and reservoir drill-in operations. These engineered fluid systems help you drill more smoothly, quickly, and safely.

Fluid design requires an in-depth knowledge of the rock formations, clays, and other minerals that may interfere with the drilling process, and of the lubrication requirements of the drill string you are using. Our fluids engineers are available to help develop and execute a strong drilling fluid program. And we also help you deal with the environmental challenges of storing, using, and properly disposing of spent fluids through our fluid environmental services.

Offshore Drilling Fluids

Improve operational efficiency and get to market faster with our oil-based, offshore drilling fluid

Our family of novel and industry-leading offshore drilling fluid delivers the kind of customizable performance to deliver your well successfully, regardless of environment and application. These oil-based muds get you to market faster while improving your operational efficiency.

Get extreme performance in extreme environments

We're in the forefront of developing synthetic-based compliant emulsion systems for drilling in challenging downhole conditions—such as deepwater and HP/HT. And, we make sure these new muds will meet the industry’s stringent environmental requirements.

The development of our unique mud additives was driven by the extreme HP/HT environment associated with our clients special requirement. Laboratory testing demonstrates our fluid's stability at temperatures more than 500°F [260 deg. C] and pressures exceeding 30,000 psi, with field data to back up our capability in these extreme environments.


Features of Pamir Drilling Fluids Solutions

High-Grade Products

We offer a full catalog of drilling fluids products suitable for all wellbore environments. All products meet exhaustive QA/QC standards to provide reliable, environmentally-compliant results.

Skilled Personnel

Skilled and experienced wellsite operators capable of managing the most challenging conditions. Knowledgeable technical staff to assist in pre-well planning and total project management.

Solids-Control Coordination

drilling solid control

Trained personnel able to manage solids-control equipment and environmental operations on site. Project-planning staff ready to analyze job requirements, recommend solutions and manage bid process.

Technical Software

Comprehensive suite of best-in-class technical software for advanced-planning and day-to-day wellsite management. Ability to accurately model downhole conditions and their effect on drilling fluids.

API-Standard Lab Analysis

Extensive lab capability available to pilot-test future drilling fluid formulations, spot-check existing fluids and analyze wellbore solids.

Our Drilling Fluids Systems

Pamir Drilling Fluids offers a complete suite of drilling fluids solutions that meet all your wellbore geological situations.

Water-Base Drilling Fluids – exceptional performance while reducing environmental impact:

  • Conventional Bentonite Systems
  • Low-Solids Non-Dispersed Systems
  • High-Temperature High-Pressure Systems
  • Highly-Inhibitive Polymer Systems

Non-Aqueous Drilling Fluids – superior reliability meeting HSE-compliant standards:

  • Conventional Diesel-Based Systems
  • Mineral-Oil Systems
  • Synthetic Systems
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