Optimize the value of your assets with a proven suite of drilling services and systems

Requirements for safety, quality, and cost are never static. That’s why we pivot with you to provide the best options when it comes to choosing drilling services. Our rotary steering services continue to break records and win industry awards for best-in-class performance on projects around the world. Combine rotary steering with our formation evaluation tools and advanced software to enjoy the benefits of our industry-leading reservoir navigation services. For land-based, factory drilling requirements, we offer record-breaking drilling motors, and gyro or directional and gamma services.

No matter your environment or location, we offer the directional, rotary steerable (RSS), measurement while drilling (MWD), logging while drilling (LWD), and other related drilling services to help you land the BHA at depth and on target.


Too many service providers waste your time debating "push-the-bit" versus "point-the-bit" steering. These debates miss the point.

While our system can deliver the superior drilling performance you need, reducing construction costs and improving production.

The PreDril system lets you efficiently drill a high quality wellbore and place it in the most productive zone—consistently and with confidence. Three precision-controlled pads maintain a continuous proportional steering vector to drill a smooth, in-gauge hole. And bit designs and system parameters can be matched to formation challenges for maximized ROP, bit life, and run length.

Don't settle for others' "pseudo steering.” Contact us today to learn more about how the PreDril system's continuous proportional steering delivers the performance you need.

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