Reliable equipment and services for Well Placement and Operations

We understand the challenges our customers face as drilling environments become deeper, hotter, more complex, and harsher. Our comprehensive offering of services includes 24X7 technical support, commissioning of MWD and LWD equipment, and technical training.

Our global footprint with local resources and knowledge delivers quick repair turnaround times. Pamir provides customized solutions for high temperature applications (175°C), ruggedized to withstand high vibration, and are retrievable to minimize Lost in Hole (LIH) costs and increase reliability.

drilling rig

Besides that, We also offer the industry’s most complete line of drilling tools and equipment: BHA drilling tools, Tubulars & Tubular Services, Jars & Impact Tools, Reamers & Stabilizers and Underreamers.

Oilfield Tools

  • high-pressure, critical service BOPs (2 9/16- to 30-in cavities)
  • BOPs (2 9/16- to 7 1/16-in OD, working pressure 5,000 to 15,000 psi)
  • flow iron packages
  • high-pressure manifolds
  • spacer spools to raise or space apart BOPs or connect a choke manifold to the well control system
  • handling tools
  • crossover subs
  • specialized downhole tools
  • downhole accessories and surface products
  • CT support and snubbing surface equipment:
  • hydraulic and manual squeeze-and-pump manifolds
  • gas busters, tanks, and blenders
  • dual-pod filtration units
  • flow equipment
  • nitrogen bottle racks
  • spools and adapters.


  • premium API and high-torque (HT) drillpipe from 2 3/8- to 6 5/8-in OD
  • drill collars
  • premium tubing from 3/4- to 4 1/2-in OD, grades N-80, T-95, P-110, QT-125, and S-135

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