Enhance performance for any drilling application

Advanced solutions for reliable production

Pamir’s integrated drilling pressure control systems are at the center of operations for leading onshore and offshore drilling contractors across the globe. With more than 100 offshore complete blowout preventer (BOP) stacks delivered and maintained over the last 10+ years, we understand how to keep rigs working. In fact, our contractual service agreements are delivering industry-leading uptime on deepwater drilling rigs.

Pamir's drilling systems reduce downtime and drill faster, further, and deeper in even the most challenging environments. Our wellhead products and flow control equipment are designed to address the challenges of deep waters and harsh conditions, enabling you to proactively manage safety and drilling risks—no matter your location. Backed by decades of proven solutions and trusted service, our technology combines power and control to maximize safety and performance, while reducing risks, lead time, and maintenance costs.

Pamir's Subsea & Surface Drilling Systems have a number of advantages including:

    • Increase speed, control, and flexibility
    • Enhance safety and performance
    • Optimize response times
    • Improve reliability in harsh environments
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Industry leading uptime

Wellhead System



Driving uptime for maximum production

Improve production, minimize downtime, and ensure reliability of your drilling operations. Engineered with proven stability and accuracy, our surface and subsea products boost drilling speed, safety, and performance, while reducing the risk of downtime in any offshore operation.

Pamir's unique technology on wellhead system has a track record of applications on 1000+ wells across the globle.

BOP Systems


Contain and control damage ahead of time

Assessing risk potential on your rig is crucial to ensuring safety before, during, and after problems occur. Our proven Blowout Prevention (BOP) systems are configured to anticipate and combat the risks of everyday operations, even in the toughest applications. Trusted worldwide to provide system reliability configuration flexibility, operational performance, and well control, our BOP systems are designed to help you improve safety and increase uptime.

NDT BOP Inspection


Know the state of your rig

Pamir's years of experience providing Non-Destructive BOP Inspection service has help our clients to void teardown on the rig floor with ease. This technology system allows you to remain aware of your BOP equipment’s current condition without wasting time or risking safety.

Choke and Valves


Superior performance and length of life

Pamir offers two high-performance choke product lines that are ideal for high-pressure drops, high flowing velocities, corrosive fluids, H2S, CO2, low temperatures, steam injection and wells with heavy erosion potential.

Extreme temperatures and severe pressures can take a toll on equipment, causing it to bring production to a halt. Our rugged and reliable equipment, from drilling risers and wellhead connectors to diverters, telescopic joints, and blowout preventer (BOP) systems deliver deeper, faster, and safer performance in the most demanding drilling conditions.

Save time and money on costly repairs and lost production with our rig drilling services. Our rig drilling services are backed by global technical expertise, Contractual Service Agreements focused on improved outcomes and advanced digital tools that help maximize uptime in the toughest environments. So your rigs stay up and running longer for maximum production.

Pamir's rig drilling services have a number of advantages including:

  • Increased reliability and safety in any environment
  • Advanced pressure control system prevents blowouts
  • Improved uptime under extreme conditions
  • Reduced operational costs
  • Expert global support and service

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