Make better decisions based on a better understanding of your produced fluids

Without accurate fluid analysis and fluid characterization data, petroleum and reservoir engineers are at a big disadvantage when asked to optimize completion and production solutions. The more accurate and reliable the pressure, volume, and temperature (PVT) modeling and analysis services they use, the better your chances of achieving your production and recovery goals.

Using decades of reservoir expertise, we have built and honed advanced fluid analysis and characterization software your engineers need to effectively assess and better understand production in your wells. Our software packages give engineers the material and chemical interaction profiles they need to gauge and manage production throughout the life of a well. With a full understanding of your reservoir and its unique character, you are best prepared to build safe, efficient, optimized completion and production plans to help maintain a well throughout its lifecycle.


PePulse Fluid Analysis and Characterization Tool

Our PePulse analytics software helps improve well performance, increase operational efficiency and reduce lift costs through a model based management by exception approach and predictive analytics.

Gain line of sight to 1,000’s of wells

PePulse excels in large well count fields where large volumes of data can be overwhelming and maintaining accurate line of sight into field performance can be challenging.

Specifically designed for digital oilfield initiatives, PePulse automates well centric workflows by seamlessly integrating field data, well models and predictive analytics. The standard workflows contain petroleum engineering methods that can help identify underperforming wells.

KPIs, predictive warnings and alerts help reduce downtime and provide actionable data to help with decisions relating to well activities, crew movements and reduce expenses relating to well remediation.

Predict and mitigate problems before they happen

Using well-centric predictive analytics, PePulse will help identify problem wells before the problems occur. KPIs such as rate decline, model deviations and instrumentation/data anomalies are constantly monitored by PePulse. Warnings and alerts are displayed along with the supporting data to help identify the cause.

PePulse also generates a candidate opportunity index to help find wells that may have the most opportunity for production efficiency gains. High value producers take precedence.  The software benchmarks performance to enable continuous improvement.

Utilize your existing investments

There’s no need for new investments in sensors, gauges, or databases since PePulse can integrate data from your existing production databases, data historians and completion databases.

PePulse can integrate with industry leading well modeling software and steady-state multiphase flow simulators to detect production deviation from model, integrate test data to perform model re-calibration, and use well models as the basis for virtual metering. PePulse also has its own built in nodal engine which allows real time integration between field data and well models without the need for additional well modeling software.

Optimized for real-time operations centers (RTOC’s)

PePulse is designed for large form displays and touch screen technology. PePulse can also be viewed on tablet devices, touch enabled laptops as well as conventional laptops and desktops.

Realize value immediately

It takes minutes to set up a well within PePulse and value can be realized within hours. PePulse supports all OPC compatible data historians, well models from most major vendors and each installation can be scaled to over 1000 wells. PePulse can be applied across any asset type.

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