Understand the reservoir to optimize hydrocarbon production

Our reservoir engineering service draws on our geophysical, petrophysical, and geological expertise to give you the answers you need to understand and characterize your reservoir’s production potential so you can optimize hydrocarbon recovery. We perform a thorough reservoir engineering analysis prior to or in conjunction with our reservoir simulation studies.


Would you like to know more about your reservoir ?

Our production reservoir engineering analysis can answer your questions about

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Primary recovery
  • Waterfloods
  • Polymer flooding
  • Carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery and sequestration
  • Hydrocarbon miscible floods
  • Thermal recovery
  • Tight gas
  • Gas condensates
  • Gas storage
  • Acid gas injection
  • Model reviews and audits

By understand the reservoir using analytical reservoir engineering calculation methods, many of the parameters required for the simulation model are better defined. Using reservoir simulation, it is possible to evaluate the effects of many key reservoir and fluid properties on oil recovery. This is especially useful for complicated reservoirs or reservoir fluids where simple analytical methods are not capable of yielding good results.

Many reservoir optimization questions can be answered by performing simulations after carefully characterizing the reservoir. By integrating these results with surface planning requirements, we can work with you to create a robust field development plan.


  • Onshore
  • Shelf
  • Deep water
  • Ultra deep water
  • Unconventional


Intuitively and easily take control of your geomechanical challenges

Exploration and production continues to shift toward more challenging oil and gas prospects, where recoverable volumes are low compared to the complexity of the geology and the high costs of production. Now more than ever, you need to optimize your well plans and proactively prevent potential rock mechanical challenges. These challenges, if undetected, can cause a lot of high risk and costly problems.

As a pioneer of petroleum geomechanics, Pamir Energy offers unique solutions that allow you to quickly and easily understand and minimize the risks associated with developing your fields.



Reservoir Navigation Services

Maximize production from precise wellbore placement

You can depend on our reservoir navigation services (RNS) to drill and geosteer complex high-angle and horizontal wells. Our precise, real-time drilling capabilities and advanced formation evaluation technologies are complemented by dynamic, interactive software and experienced RNS supervisors offering expert advice. This fit-for-purpose, multidisciplinary approach reduces NPT and maximizes production by keeping your wellbore in the pay zone.

Comprehensive pre-well planning and modelling integrate predictive tool response modelling with the 3D geospatial earth model. During drilling, we detect remote boundaries in real time and update the models that describe and predict the environment ahead of the bit to keep the well in the most productive zone.

Make better real-time decisions

RNS supervisors dynamically link to a selection of geological curtain sections allowing fast, interactive updates and interpretations. Real-time distance-to-bed boundary and apparent-dip calculations with all image data are available for improved decision-making.

Our proprietary RNS software is a fully integrated, forward, LWD-response modeling package with links to the 3D earth model. The software application has proprietary modeling algorithms for all of our LWD tools.