Ensure safer operations with increased wireline conveyance efficiency

The Pamir Energy wireline conveyance service is the safer, more efficient approach for the deployment of downhole instruments. Our deployment optimization combines field-proven technology, modeling, processes, and local best practices in a total system approach that overcomes your application-specific challenges. You can rely on these efficiently planned operations to reduce NPT and enhance HSE.

We're so proficient at what we do, we've been successful in deploying instruments on wireline in deviated, openhole wellbores of about 75-deg. inclination and cased-hole wellbores in excess of 80 deg. Typically, costlier conveyance methods would have been required with significant operational impact and potential HSE issues.

Using our total system wireline conveyance service, you'll receive the optimum wireline deployment solution. Regardless of the well conditions, we have the right conveyance methods for your specific job.


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Open Hole Wireline Fluid Characterization & Testing

Improve long-term success knowing reservoir behavior

The Reservoir Characterization Service (RCS) delivers vital petrophysical information to predict reservoir behavior during production. Reservoir volume, fluid producibility, and the type and composition of movable fluids are data you can use throughout the reservoir’s life cycle.

To support the initial assessment of your project’s commercial potential, RCS provides estimates for production capability, fluid type and composition, fluid-phase behavior, production-facility design, and flow assurance. These estimates are critical to your project’s long-term success because subsequent intervention or redesign could affect the project’s economic viability.

RCS’s modular formation testing and sampling tool delivers a complete description of reservoir fluid type and behavior. Modular capabilities record formation pressures and collect fluid samples in a wide array of geological environments and borehole conditions.

Open Hole Wireline Geology

Optimize field development with accurate reservoir architecture

Our geology imaging services help you define reservoir architecture by delivering high-resolution borehole images and formation dip data for optimized field development. With this information, you can analyze structural dip, fracture systems, depositional environments, borehole stability, and net pay in thinly bedded sequences for optimized field development.

Open Hole Wireline Petrophysics

Improve reservoir economics with accurate petrophysical evaluation

The financial risk associated with proving reserves remains a big challenge. Our petrophysical evaluation services reduce your economic risk by efficiently and accurately acquiring critical data throughout the reservoir life cycle.

Our innovation in downhole sensor technology and geoscience interpretation helps you to correctly quantify your hydrocarbon volumes even in the most challenging environments. This enables you to make financially sound decisions about the future of your asset: to abandon or commit resources for further drilling and evaluation.

For example, in laminated, low-resistivity pay zones, our unique multicomponent resistivity technology combined with other logging services enables you to detect the presence and quantity of hydrocarbons. You can increase estimated net pay by as much as 300%.

Borehole Seismic Services

Improve production and field development from accurate reservoir description

Our borehole seismic services offer application design, data processing, and interpretation for detailed reservoir description that improves production and field development.

From simple time-depth data to imaging deep into the reservoir, we deliver the link between geophysics and geology. Our services enhance surface seismic resolution, enable depth correlation to logs, and image stratigraphic and structural anomalies. From a simple cased hole checkshot survey to multilevel 3D and 4D VSPs, we have acquisition solutions for all your needs.

Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services

Minimize interventions and NPT

High-quality and reliable service

Avoid surprises that slow or bring your operations to a halt. PAMIR’s cased-hole wireline logging services with instant response capabilities combined with our advanced technology helps you detect faults and defects before they happen—so you can keep your operations running at full capacity.

Reliable solutions for all your operational and evaluation needs

Boost the safety, speed, and efficiency of your operations. From production logging and pipe recovery to reservoir evaluation, perforating systems, and mechanical services, we offer a wide range of solutions to help you keep any well operating at optimal performance while managing threats that can slow or stall productivity. Target the right productivity zones, increase penetration rates, or solve stuck-pipe problems with the support of PAMIR’s field-proven expertise.

PAMIRE's Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services enable you to reduce the risk of costly interventions and Non-Productive Time (NPT) while increasing production efficiency. With a breadth of services for well performance evaluation, integrity, and recovery troubleshooting, PAMIR enables a whole new level of performance for your onshore, offshore and deepwater applications.

PAMIR's Cased-Hole Wireline Logging Services have a number of advantages including:

  • Improved safety and efficiency
  • Reduced downtime
  • Enhanced performance evaluation
  • Less risk of costly interventions
  • Reduced maintenance costs