Maximize production through integrated solutions

Efficient, reliable integrated artificial lift solutions

A vast majority of the oil and gas wells around the world require artificial lift technology to maintain and maximize production. Our unmatched portfolio of efficient, reliable integrated artificial lift solutions can overcome every technical challenge and help you achieve your business objectives. But, technology is only part of a successful artificial lift strategy. Our experienced engineering teams can advise you on the best artificial lift solutions throughout the lifecycle of your well and then keep them operating at peak performance to deliver the production rates you expect at the lowest possible lifting costs.

artficial lift

We offer the industry’s most comprehensive line of artificial lift products and services, including:

  • Electrical submersible pumping (ESP) systems
  • Rod lift systems
  • Progressing cavity pumping (PCP) systems
  • Gas lift systems
  • Surface pumping systems
  • Power supply and control systems
  • Monitoring and automation services

Pamir also offers RIGLESS ESP SYSTEM (click to review)to reduce the duration of suspended production and workover cost.

Reliable systems for any location

Maintain production and maximize reserve recovery over the life of any well, in any environment. With a wide range of integrated artificial lift solutions, our experts will help you find the right program for your specific business objectives and reservoir requirements, and simplify the process.

From application engineering and installation services, to monitoring and automation, our systems are designed to perform reliably and efficiently—working together to help you stay ahead of demand, enhance asset value, and produce more at lower lifting costs.

Pamir’s artificial lift systems make lifting simple. We design and manufacture each major component, so every part works together seamlessly and efficiently. This improves reliability and extends system run life in a range of demanding oilfield conditions.

Artificial lift advantages for customers include:

    • Increase ROI by balancing flow rates and lifting costs
    • Boost life-of-well productivity and production
    • Reduce risk and maintenance needs
    • Enhance lift while adapting to changing rates
    • Simplify selection, installation, and processes with expert support

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