Providing the complete package of exploration and appraisal well testing services

Safe, efficient and accurate well testing services to meet the needs of our customers in any well

Pamir is one of the most experienced international well test companies in the world, offering our customers the complete range of mobile systems and specialist services, delivering quality data and operational efficiency across land and deep water well sites.

With years' experience of delivering our customers' test objectives, Pamir provides integrated solutions across the exploration and appraisal phase of any well. The data that we provide throughout every well test allows our customers to plan the optimal exploitation of their reservoirs.

Pamir offers the complete well test package, utilising some of the industry's most reliable technologies. Our versatile surface test packages, subsea systems and drill stem test capabilities, combined with expert onsite fluid analysis, data acquisition and metering capabilities, ensure Pamir provides our customers with a complete service to support their well tests.

What we offer

Pamir has developed an unparalleled track record for delivering tailor-made solutions to meet the challenges faced by our customers.

Exploration and appraisal well testing

E&A well testing provides the initial exposure to reservoir production capability and potential. It is important that
equipment is designed to handle a potentially, wide range of operating parameters.

Pamir’s temporary completion and production system equipment is designed to offer this, through a
range of temporary completion and production systems. This allows our clients to measure pressure
and flow rates, obtain fluid samples, assess the commercial viability and plan completion and
production facilities.
Our well testing solutions can be used across a range of applications, including:

Onshore and offshore reservoirs
– Our equipment portfolio covers all eventualities from offshore skid mounted packages to purpose built trailer mounted well testing units

Heavy oil
– Well testing and extended well testing in designated heavy oil reservoirs at 10-11°API

High rate
– Our track record in high rate gas testing is extensive

Harsh environments
– Our operating experience includes desert, artic and both deepwater and shallow
water offshore operations

Surface well testing

The primary function of surface well test equipment is to provide a safe and efficient system to separate hydrocarbon phases, to measure and collect accurate well data and importantly, to collect representative fluid samples. The data monitored includes pressures, temperatures and flow rates recorded at multiple locations on the well test package.

The surface well test system is a combination of the following equipment and services:

  • Surface test tree
  • Solids exclusion
  • Choke systems

Production testing

In-line well testing
Production well testing involves measuring the contribution of oil/water/gas from individual wells. Pamir’s continuous production measurements are cost-effective, do not interfere with normal production and can improve reservoir understanding.

Wet gas meter
Pamir’s wet gas meters (WGM) are a cost-effective replacement of test separators. Wet gas flow meters provide continuous readings of the gas flow rate and the total liquid flow rate. To achieve good accuracy (+/-5%), the service includes calibration with non-radioactive tracers and wet gas pressure/volume/temperature (PVT) fluid sampling – a process accredited by DNV.

MPFM - Multiphase Flow Meters
Expro offers Multiphase Flow Meters (MPFM) as a complementary service to existing portable well test separators - without the requirement for phase separation. Measurement can be made at wellhead or line conditions, allowing process fluids to be returned to the production process, without pressure reduction.
Typical applications include exploration & appraisal, commissioning & clean up and routine production well testing operations.

Benefits of the portable well testing MPFM include:
■ Small and compact foot print
■ Instantaneous measurement of rate and fraction
■ A wide operating range up to 98% GVF
■ Non-intrusive measurement
■ Real-time well site commissioning, data processing and diagnostics

Well site operation of the MPFM is supported with our proven well site PVT sampling and analysis
products and services.