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Coiled tubing (CT) is indispensable to many wellsite operations. But, the greatest value is much more than conveyance: It’s the performance achieved at the end of the pipe.

Our CT solutions are the result of  years of experience, a dedicated research and development facility, and a global laboratory network that’s focused on understanding the reservoir first.

On the surface and downhole, we offer practical solutions for well cleanouts, stimulation, and many other specialized applications. Our CT deployment teams help you achieve significant operational and economic performance advantages.



Our state-of-the-art coiled tubing equipment is specifically designed to provide cost-effective solutions for well intervention operations. Our fleet has the capacity to achieve success in a diverse range of applications, from shallow to deep wells, with a variety of tubing sizes and depth capabilities. With real-time data recording and modeling/design software, and climate-controlled operating cabs featuring electronic displays, we monitor critical surface parameters while the job is underway to ensure you get the results you need for optimized resource recovery.

Through the continuous efforts of our research engineering team, wellbore intervention using CT is continuously safer and more predictable, efficient, and effective.


Pamir Provids expert coiled tubing services, we have the reel and injector capacity to run to the bottom of wells that are more than 6,000 m (20,000 ft) deep. Each job is subject to technical analysis by our in-house engineers, including force analysis and hydraulic modeling. With the option to transmit data in real-time, our customers can monitor the well response to treatment and make changes on-the-fly to optimize performance.

Pamir Energy has successfully helped our clients in China to perform well intervention services with our CT system and achieved great feedback from the clients.

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