Reducing Nonproductive Time. Improving Production.

Our slickline services cover: basic removal of scale, wax and sand build-up, setting plugs, changing out gas lift valves, fishing and other complex well applications. State-of-the-art equipment operated by highly skilled and experienced personnel providing the highest operational and safety performance is what makes Pamir the slickline company of choice.


  • Mechanical Intervention Applications including:
    • Setting and removal of flow control devices;
    • Cleaning of the wellbore, wax removal, scale removal & sand or other debris removal
    • Control of sliding sleeves for access to zones
    • Replacement of gas lift valves
    • Setting of hydraulic packers
    • Well plug and abandonment
    • Fishing services
  • Memory Production logging for Measurement of downhole temperature and pressure; and Recording accurate flow profiles
  • Memory gauges for Measurement of downhole temperature and pressure
  • Deployment of 3rd party memory tools

Equipment and Resources

  • New generation Slickline units integrated with crane
  • Mechanical and Fishing intervention tools
  • Through Tubing plugs
  • Memory Production Logging
  • Memory multi finger imaging
  • Memory pressure and temperature gauges
  • Bottom hole sampling
  • Downhole camera

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